R3A13605 12V 70A 6S

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WAI ECO Reman 13605R
WAI New 13605N
WAI Old 1-1808-01BO, 1-2764-01BO
AC-Delco 334-1982
ACE Tri-Star CA13605N
Alltech 311-13605
Audi, Volkswagen 030-903-023C
Beck Arnley Remanufactured 186-0871
Bosch 0-120-485-036
Bosch Remanufactured AL0187X
Bosch Service Europe 0-986-038-070, 0-986-038-380
Cargo 111479
Delco Remanufactured 10464368
Delphi RM3256
Dixie Electric A-6229
EGI A-13605
Electric Motor Service (EMS) 13605N
Elpar Industries 0204036216
Elstock 28-1768, 28-1920, 28-1939
Euro Car Parts 401440482, 401440492, 401440512
HC Parts CA732IR, CA733IR, CA740IR
Knight Rebuilding A6300
Lester 13605
Letrika (Iskra) Sales IA 0990
Lucas Electrical Europe LRB00146
Lucas Remanufactured A6786
Minnpar 47-2951
MPA 15820
NAPA Pro Series 13605
Nastra A2028
PSH 305.501.090
Rayloc 13-9370
Real 201010401
Remy Europe DRA3266, DRA3267, DRA3268
Remy Remanufactured 14358
Romaine Electric 13605N
Sovereign SA523
TSA 13605N
Wagner 439002
Whatcom APPTRAK 26244
Wilson 90-15-6252
Wood Auto Supplies ALT10178
Zorko 13605


Seat – Europe Car

Seat LCV – Europe Van

Skoda – Europe Car

Volkswagen – Europe Car

Volkswagen LCV – Europe Truck

Volkswagen LCV – Europe Van


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